Tax Agent Portal 

Welcome to the Tax Agent Portal

Check Tax Agent Portal Dashboard for current information about portal availability.

Accessing the portal

To access the portal you will need an AUSkey.

Getting started and using the portal

For information on getting started and using the portal, refer to About the Tax Agent Portal.

Portal Help

Portal Help provides extra information about the functions in the portal as you are using them. Select Help from any page and you will be given help information relevant to that page.

Portal help is also available for vision impaired users.

System outage information and technical support

Regularly check System maintenance for details of system outages and how to keep informed.

Check Technical support for troubleshooting advice if you are experiencing a system issue or error message.

Contact Us.


We are bound by various laws for handling personal information and tax file numbers, visit

Logging of your portal access

For statistical analysis we record the following information:

  • your agent number
  • your user ID
  • login date and time.